Pure latex mattress pad

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Do you want to upgrade your sleep, without buying a completely new mattress? Latex toppers are the most affordable way to make your nightly sleep healthier and more comfortable. When we first began manufacturing latex toppers, one of our goals was to have an option for every budget.

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Or explore our Vegan Mattress Topper made without wool. It looks like you have JavaScript disabled, or a plugin installed that's blocking JavaScript. Please turn on JavaScript to enable purchasing.

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If you're looking to upgrade your bed with an eco-friendly option, but don't want to replace the mattress, a natural latex topper might just be the ticket. Considering that we spend about a third of our lives in bed, we really should pay close attention to the surface we're sleeping on, not only for comfort's sake, but also for the impact that our choices can have on the natural world. Having a comfortable mattress can be one key to restful sleep, which is an essential part of staying healthy, and while there are a bazillion choices on the market, ranging from bare-bones mattresses to high-end adjustable models, it's not always necessary to replace the entire mattress in order to refresh our beds.

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Some toppers are made of latex, a natural substance derived from the sap of rubber trees. Talalay can be processed using one of two methods, Dunlop resulting in denser latex or Talalay resulting in lighter, fluffier latex. Latex may be mostly natural, as well as blended with synthetic chemical fillers or completely synthetic. Latex may be certified as organic, as well.

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Toppers are usually 1 to 3 inches thick with different layers of materials. These products are designed to be placed on the top of your existing or older mattress for extra support and firmness. Latex is processed using two different methods — Talalay for producing fluffier and lighter latex, while Dunlop for denser latex.

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Latex toppers qualify for free or discounted shipping. Add your ZIP code to the shopping cart page and follow the instructions to receive the discount. To order by phone give us a call at

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Latex is a natural by-product of the milky sap obtained from matured rubber trees. The manufacturing process is different for each kind, but the latex used in mattresses and mattress toppers goes through a washing process that strips it off irritant proteins commonly found in it. The latex toppers are generally used beneath covers and sheets with little or no direct contact to skin, usually making it safe for those with latex allergies.

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After a tiring day, when you are back at home, the first thing which catches your attention is your bed. You love to recline and want to get a sound somber. But things turn out the other way when your sleep time gets disrupted because of the uncomforted mattress on which you are laying. Just leave all those and simply grab a latex mattress topper.

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We never use synthetic latex or fillers in our toppers. Our highly-skilled craftsmen create every Latex for Less mattress topper locally for exceptional quality. And because local manufacturing reduces harmful emissions, you can feel good about supporting a company that helps to keep our planet healthy.

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Our latex foam is made of natural latex harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand. We do not use any synthetic latex or fillers in our natural latex foam. We sell a large variety of firmnesses and thicknesses that can be used to change or improve any mattress. Our foam is made on the Earthfoam production line using natural latex harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.


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